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Dimensions are nominal and may vary with changes depending on material. Metcom is a unique Metalcraft Roofing profile used primarily in commercial roofing and wall cladding applications. Metcom has excellent spanning capabilities and can be used down to a minimum pitch of 3 degrees. Metcom is also available, identical in shape with one less pan and rib. Please note colours below are indicative and we recommend you request a steel colour sample from your nearest Metalcraft Roofing branch. The homeowner should be aware that temperatures of dark colours are higher than those of lighter colours.

Darker colours will thermally expand more. The MBIE document on roof cladding advises that noise from thermal expansion is normal and should be expected.

Metcom Cover mm.

metcom 7

Sheet Width mm. Application Commercial, Rural, Industrial roofing and cladding. Orientation Roofing and both vertically and horizontally laid cladding. Availabilty Manufactured in Auckland and Palmerston North.

Available from all Metalcraft Roofing branches. Downloads Download All. Product Flyer. Product Technical Statement.

Loadspan and Fixing Tables - Steel. Commercial Roof Details. Commercial Vertical Details. Commercial Horizontal Wall Cladding Details. Metalcraft Roofing Company Profile. Fire Testing of Coated Steel Products. Colorsteel Environmental Categories.

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Colorsteel Colour Brochure. Masterspec Specification Link. What now? Contact Us.High intensity workouts are all the rage. Boot camps. People love instant gratification. They associate fatigue with effectiveness. Pain does not equal gain. Harold Gibbons dismantles this faulty mindset quite nicely in one of his recent articles. However, high intensity conditioning has its place and can be extremely effective for fat loss and improving fitness.

Research consistently shows that high-intensity exercise is far more effective and efficient at burning fat, improving VO2-max and increasing anaerobic threshold compared to low-intensity exercise. Therefore, it should almost always be the conditioning method of choice for athletes and lifters who value their hard-earned muscle. Most CrossFit workouts are metcons. As you can see, this would not be an easy workout even if you had a lot of rest between rounds. How many people do you know who could do 20 pull-ups — period — let alone three sets of 20 with limited rest and in combination with other intense exercises?

But you get the idea — pick several high-intensity exercises, group them together and do them for a lot of reps quickly to create a conditioning effect.

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But if you want to incorporate metcons into your workouts, you have to do so intelligently. Here we go:. The number one concern with metcons is reducing the risk of injury. High-intensity exercise induces fatigue, and with fatigue comes a deterioration in technique.

So if your metcon is made up of complicated exercises like snatches, cleans, push presses, box jumps, handstand push-ups, etc. Instead, stick with safe, simple exercises. Prowler sprints, sled drags, push-ups, lunges and even the dreaded burpee are all great choices. Strip them down to their more user-friendly versions.

For example:. Japanese researcher Dr. Izumi Tabata pioneered much of the research confirming the benefits of high-intensity conditioning, and his signature Tabata protocol is brutal:. So percent? Five hours versus 20 minutes? Naturally, Tabata sparked countless imitators, and unfortunately, almost all of them suck. You have to use full-body movements like sprints, squats and jumps.

metcom 7

Small muscle groups and simple exercises like curls, however, have a very localized effect i. It also has to be hard.

Good metcons use appropriately-difficult, full body movements that create a full body stimulus. Makes sense, right? Get your ass and legs, hips, torso, etc. This piggybacks on the previous point.

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The harder an exercise is, the less time you can perform it. For example, you can jog at a leisurely pace for much longer than you can sprint at top speed. Or all hour long, for that matter. For example, lowering the bar to the chest during a bench press and landing from a jump are eccentric muscle actions.Metacom, also known as Metacomet, Pometacom and King Philip, was a tribal leader of the Pokanoket tribe and the Wampanoag nation.

Metacom was the second son of Massassoit, who was the tribal leader that formed an alliance with the Mayflower pilgrims in nearby Plymouth Colony in and helped them through their first year in the New World. Born sometime aroundMetacom had two brothers, an older brother named Wamsutta and younger brother named either Suconewhew or Takamunna, as well as two younger sisters, Amie and another sister whose name is unknown.

It is believed that Metacom and Wootonekanuske had at least four children together, one son, two daughters and another child whose gender is unknown. When Massassoit died sometime around orat approximately 81 years of age, his oldest son, Wamsutta succeeded him.

In the spring or summer ofin recognition of becoming chief sachem, Wamsutta decided to change his name and asked the Plymouth leaders for an English name.

7 Rules for Effective “Metcon” Workouts, Part 1

As a result, they renamed him Alexander Pokanokett. Alexander also asked the English to give his brother, Metacom, a name as well, for which they chose Philip. Having an English name was popular among the Indians at this time. Inthe Plymouth colonists began to suspect that the natives were planning an attack on the colony and promptly arrested Alexander.

metcom 7

He was brought to Plymouth to stand trial in order to prove his loyalty to the crown. While under arrest, Alexander pledged his loyalty to the English and was then released but had contracted a disease while in Plymouth and died on the way home. Rumors began to spread among the Wampanoag that he had been poisoned by the colonists.

Philip, who was just 24 years old at the time, succeeded his brother and the Wampanoag gathered together to celebrate his accession, according to Ranlet:.

As John Cotton, Jr. After Philip became the new sachem, the colonists decided to dig deeper into the rumors of an impending attack on the colony and asked Philip to come to Plymouth for a meeting. According to Ranlet, around this time Philip and Plymouth made an informal agreement.

Philip wanted to stop selling land to the colonists for seven years and asked Governor Thomas Prence to discourage any potential buyers, as can be seen in the following undated letter:. Thomas Prince [sic], dwelling at Plimouth.

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King Philip desire to let you understand that he could not come to the court, for Tom, his interpreter, has a pain in his back, that he could not travil so far, and Philip sister is very sick. Philip would intreat that favor of you, and any of the majestrats, if aney English or Engians speak of about aney land, he pray you give them no answer at all. This last summer he maid that promise with you that he would not sell no land in 7 years time, for that he would have no English trouble him before that time, he has not forgot that you promis him.

He will come a sune as posseble he can speak with you, and so I rest, your very loveing friend Philip dwelling at mount hope nek. According to Samuel G. Drake in his book, Biography and History of the Indians of North America, not much is known about Philip or his whereabouts for many years after he became leader of his tribe:. During this time, he became more intimately acquainted with his English neighbors, learned their weakenesses and his own strength, which rather increased than diminished, until his fatal war of For, during this period, not only their additional numbers gained them power, but their arms were greatly strengthened by the English instruments of war put into their hands.

It is not known why exactly, but Drake speculates it was an attempt to make money and acquire goods in order to keep up with the English settlers:. They saw the prosperity of the English, and they were just such philosophers as are easily captivated by an show of ostentation. They were forsaking their manner of life, to which the proximity of the whites was a deadly poison, and were eager to obtain such things as their neighbors possessed; these were only to be obtained by parting with their lands.

Philip was too wise not to discover that if these continued he would not have a home in all the territories which his father had governed. From a period long before the death of Massosoit, untilno year passed in which large tracts were not obtained by the settlers. At length he made a kind of informal agreement with the Plymouth authorities, to sell no more land for seven years.

After this, they endeavoured to entice him before the court, hoping that they could succeed better in negotiating with him there than in his own country.

metcom 7

Philip evaded their invitation, but afterwards he sold several portions of land.No Product description. You can request more info here. Sorry there are no downloads available.

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Leave Edit Mode Finish Editing.Available nationwide. All Applications Roofing 3 degree pitch Roofing 4 degree pitch Roofing 8 degree pitch Horizontally laid wall cladding Vertically laid wall cladding Horizontally and Vertically wall cladding Wall Cladding Only. Orientation: Roofing and vertically laid cladding Fixings: Secret fixed. Orientation: Roofing, horizontally and vertically laid cladding. MC Minimum pitch: 3 degrees Manufactured: Wellington.

MC Minimum pitch: 3 degrees Manufactured: Hamilton, available nationwide. Metrib Minimum pitch: 8 degrees Manufactured: Hamilton, available nationwide. Metrib Minimum pitch: 8 degrees Manufactured: Palmerston North, available nationwide.

Metcom 7 Minimum pitch: 3 degrees Manufactured: Wellington, available nationwide. Metcom Minimum pitch: 3 degrees Orientation: Roofing, horizontal and vertical wall cladding. Manufactured: Hamilton and Christchurch. Metdek Minimum pitch: 3 degrees Manufactured: Wellington, available nationwide. Metdek Minimum pitch: 3 degrees Manufactured: Auckland, available nationwide. Metdek Minimum pitch: 3 degrees Manufactured: Onsite Nationwide. Orientation: Roofing and vertically laid cladding Fixings: Secret fixed "lug system" for long sheet lengths.

Minimum pitch: 3 degrees Application: Most suited for commercial. Orientation: Wall cladding only. Bevelback Weatherboard Manufactured: Palmerston North, available nationwide. Orientation: Horizontally laid wall cladding.

Translucent Sheeting Natural lighting for commercial or residential.Metacom was the second son of Massasoita Wampanoag sachem who had managed to keep peace with the English colonizers of Massachusetts and Rhode Island for many decades. He succeeded to the position during a period characterized by increasing exchanges of Indian land for English guns, ammunition, liquor, and blankets. He recognized that these sales threatened indigenous sovereignty and was further disconcerted by the humiliations to which he and his people were continually subjected by the colonizers.

He was, for example, summoned to Taunton in and required to sign a new peace agreement that included the surrender of Indian guns. Finally, in Juneviolence erupted when three Wampanoag warriors were executed by Plymouth authorities for the murder of John Sassamon, a tribal informer. However, after a year of savage fighting during which some 3, Indians and colonists were killed, food became scarce, and the indigenous alliance began to disintegrate.

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Seeing that defeat was imminentMetacom returned to his ancestral home at Mount Hope, where he was betrayed by an informer and killed in a final battle. He was beheaded and quartered and his head displayed on a pole for 25 years at Plymouth. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Metacom Wampanoag leader. See Article History. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Repeated expeditions against the….

Philip Metacomsachem chief of a Wampanoag band, was a son of Massasoit, who had greeted the first colonists of New England at Plymouth in However, because of the central role in the conflict played by the Narragansetts, who composed the largest Native American…. A stolen Bible given her by one of the Indians was her only solace.

History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Dayevery day in your inbox! Email address. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. More About. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students.Disclosure: We are reader supported, and earn affiliate commissions when you buy through us.

Nike size chart. We spent 9. In summary, this is what training geeks think:. The Nike Free x Metcon received a lot of hype from the CrossFit community for its comfort, versatility, flexibility, and stability which the Metcon line is known for. However, it still earned the ire of a couple of testers for not being stable enough for heavy weightlifting along with a few minor gripes. All things considered, this Metcon version was deemed a great CrossFit and everyday training shoe.

Experts are training geeks, who post reviews at youtube, directly at RunRepeat or at their own websites. Each expert is categorized from level 1 to level 5 based on expertise. See stats on expert reviews and how we calculate scores here. Are you an expert? Apply to contribute here.

For those interested in a comfortable shoe for getting in the casual workout, then reach for the Nike Free x Metcon. They are a nice addition to the Metcon series. I think they're extremely comfortable and I wouldn't mind doing my weightlifting in them. But when it comes down to performance or competitions, I don't think they are going to be replacing the Metcon 4s or DSX Flyknit 2s. If you already have a pair of CrossFit shoes and you want something for running, then these are the way to go.

The Nike Free X Metcon only add to Nike's long track record of quality shoes that are sure to last in the most grueling of moments.

With a lightweight feel and strong sole support, Nike Free X Metcons are a great price point option when searching for The Free x Metcon is the first shoe in which Nike fuses two of its prominent footwear lines: the Free and the Metcon. While the Nike Metcons have proved themselves to be hard-wearing and stable CrossFit shoes, the Nike Free trainers are designed with flexibility and natural running motion in mind.

The marriage of these technologies is meant to address one of the most common demands coming from CrossFit aficionados - a shoe you could lift, run, and jump in. The bottom of the Nike Free x Metcon is made from two types of rubber.

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